Are you hearing impaired or have trouble reading small print?

 Did you know that at Faith Chapel the bible readings and lyrics to the hymns are projected on a large screen for easy reading?

 Did you know that Faith Chapel provides printed copies of the pastor's sermon so you can follow along? Or, if you miss a sermon, you can either listen to it on Soundcloud or request a printed copy to be sent to you. Just visit our "SERMONS" page.

 Faith Chapel also has Assistive Listening Devices. Please ask an usher if you think you might benefit from using one.

Current & Upcoming Events

  Check out our Facebook Events     page for more details as they   become available.

Faith Chapel

A Church Of The Lutheran Brethren

Trusting Christ For Life


                     This year's theme is "Heroes of the Bible".
 Ages 5 - 12

 We will be posting the links to each day's activities on our Facebook   page. There will be 5 days of activities that can be done at your own   pace.

 VBS activities bags will be made for pickup at Faith Chapel. 

 The activity bags will be ready to be picked up at Faith Chapel beginning   on August 1. The church is open on Sundays from 9 until noon, worship   being at 10am. If you prefer to pick up the activity bag on another date   or time, contact the church to make arrangements. 401- 944-2771

 You don't need to live nearby for your children to participate.

 To get your children started, see if they can do the quiz in the photo. 

 We now have our own YouTube channel. We will be posting videos of our Sunday Worship.

YouTube Channel


Faith Chapel practices "Open Communion". If you believe Jesus Christ is Lord, even if you just accepted him at that moment, you are welcome to partake of Communion.

What happens when you receive the bread & wine is between you and God. Although the ushers pass out the communion elements, it is really as if God Himself is giving them to you.

​2021 Summer Vacation Bible School

​​​Faith Chapel
43 Scituate Avenue
Cranston, Rhode Island (RI)  02921


At Faith Chapel, we offer weekly bible studies., including Sunday School for adults.

Check our "About" page for times and locations.

 Check out our Recent Events on   our Photo Gallery page.

Sunday Worship on Facebook Live

10am Eastern time, until further notice. Please click on our Facebook link at the bottom of this page for more information.

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